lunedì 25 maggio 2009


" What was the idea behind 5PREVIEW?
The idea is really simple: everybody loves t-shirts and they are easier to sell than other clothes. We wanted to create a small collection and, when we had earned a little money from some prints that got a lot of attention on MySpace, we decided to print more and start up the company. That was one year ago and at the time we printed everything by hand with sponges and stencils. We now have a proper production line. I worked for a big Italian brand for several years before 5PREVIEW and I was tired of being creative for other people; I was ready to do something for myself."

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giovedì 14 maggio 2009




Peter Funch si ferma tra le strade di N.Y.C. e fotografa persone con caratteristiche comuni.
Persone vestite di rosso, che guardano verso l'alto, che corrono o che parlano
al telefono cellulare.
Funch modifica poi le sue foto creando montaggi in cui queste persone appaiono insieme in un solo scatto.
Il risultato è una serie surreale di opere che dimostrano che, nonostante le nostre differenze ci sono molto simili.


danish photographer peter funch captures commonalities in the big city with his series ‘babel tales’.
in the series, funch plants his camera on the streets of new york, snapping away as people walk by.
he strategically shots people with common traits, be it red clothing, looking upwards or talking on
their cell phone; all typical sights on the streets. but funch goes one step further by editing his photos
together creating montages where these people are all in one shot. the result is a surreal series of
works which demonstrate that despite our differences we are very much alike.

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jaime hayon: the tournament at london design festival 2009

Jamie Hayon presenterà, al London Design Festival 2009 (19-27 set),'il torneo'.
Il set di scacchi giganti in porcellana sarà situato tra le due fontane e la scala della National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square.
L'installazione simboleggia la battaglia di Trafalgar.
Con 'il torneo', Hayon offre la sua visione personale di questo evento storico e una riflessione sui simboli della cultura britannica: la regina e la monarchia come icone della tradizione inglese e
le torri come una rappresentazione della storia architettonica.

Con 'il torneo' Hayon chiede alla città di 'uscire e giocare'.

I 32 pezzi in porcellana, dipinti a mano, misureranno fino a 180 cm di altezza e saranno posizionati suruote per poter essere facilmente spostati durante il gioco.
I visitatori potranno giocare anche di notte .


as part of the 2009 london design festival (sep 19–27) spanish designer jamie hayon will present
'the tournament'. the giant porcelain chess set will be situated between the two fountains and faces
the staircase of the national portrait gallery in trafalgar square. the installation reflects the battle
of trafalgar between the british royal navy and the combined fleets of the spanish & french navy,
which the british won thanks to the tactics used by lord nelson.

with 'the tournament', hayon offers his personal view of this historic event and a reflection on
symbols of british culture, including the queen and monarchy as icons of english tradition and
the towers as a representation of architectural history. a world of symbols and shapes are
brought to life within ‘the tournament’ where hayon shares his vision and cosmography,
asking the city to ‘come out and play’.

'the 32 hand painted designs demonstrate the finishes, scale and techniques that can be
achieved in porcelain. the figures will be up to 180 cm high and mounted on wheels so they
can be moved around as the game is played. there will also be an area where the figurines
will be displayed and housed overnight. contestants will be able to sit on elevated platforms
overlooking the game and their moves will be relayed by the judge, to the team on the board
who will move the pieces into position.'

'visitors to trafalgar square will be able to experience the work throughout the day, while games
are taking place and once the sun goes down dramatic lighting will illuminate the board giving
the opportunity to view the pieces throughout the evening.'

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mercoledì 13 maggio 2009


Olivia Frølich photographer , Copenhagen.


of building materials .... do you believe it??
MOUSE GRAPHICS believe in:
Out-of-the-box Creativity, Aesthetic simplicity and Technical quality.
they say : "we also make the best best cappuccino freddo in town"..;-)