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Born in London in 1978, Sacha Maric is a Fine Art graduate from Central St Martins College of Art and Design. A prolific photographer, his portrait, fashion and documentary work has appeared in publications including Arena, Cover, Dansk, Dazed & Confused, Kilimanjaro, Missbehave, Pig, Soundvenue, Style & The Family Tunes, WAD, Wig and many others.

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ONTHETABLE has been nominated


3360 pages.


vexations is a 3,360 page book of photographs that serves as the interpretation of the piece for piano of the same name, composed by erik satie in 1893. it features work by aurelien arbet, jeremie egry, marco barrera and nicholas poillot.

[all aurelien arbet, jeremie egry, marco barrera, nicholas poillot. vexations. 2009.]


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19years old, from Brazil.

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>> Cie. Willi Dorner

Vienna/Austria based Cie. Willi Dorner was founded by Willi Dorner in 1999.

Besides his international touring dance performances Willi Dorner is keen on creating events that give the audience the opportunity for new experiences, insights and a different perception of every day’s life.

His interdisciplinary works are developed in cooperation with artists and scientists of different fields. His work was co-produced by festivals and venues like Tanzquartier Wien, ImpulsTanz, Wiener Festwochen, Wien Modern, Musica Strasbourg, NottDance UK and presented at international venues such as springdance NL, Kampnagel Hamburg, Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, Festival Paris Quartier d’été, Dansenshus Stockholm, Madrid En Danza, Dance Umbrella London, Tanz in Berlin and others.

Cie. Willi Dorner is supported by: City of Vienna/Austria, Ministry of Education, Art and Culture/Austria

Tamarai restaurant , Cairo + PSLAB

.PSLAB Beirut the multidisciplinary team of 80 architects, designers and engineers which since 2004 designs and builds site specific light solutions, has completed a new project for a restaurant in Cairo, Egypt.

Considering the nature of the space, .PSLAB Beirut developed a lighting system made of metallic beams carrying horseshoe-like fixtures.
The grid of the substructure is induced by the architectural layout of windows versus walls on the facade. Painted matt black on the outside, the fixtures allow a slit of light out through a cut in the base and the gold leaf inner layer creates a warm light effect.

.PSLAB Beirut ha recentemente realizzato un nuovo progetto per il ristorante Tamarai al Cairo in collaborazione con Shahira H. Fahmi architects.
Anche questo progetto riflette l’approccio custom e specifico al progetto che caratterizza il lavoro di questo gruppo multidisplinare costituito da 80 architetti, designers e tecnici che dal 2004 si occupano con passione di luce.

Considerando la natura dello spazio, .PSLAB Beirut ha sviluppato un sistema costituito da una struttura a travi metalliche che porta grandi corpi illuminanti a forma di ferro di cavallo.
La griglia della struttura portante è stata suggerita dal layout architettonico creato dall’opposizione tra pareti e vetrate nella facciata.
I corpi illuminanti realizzati con finitura nero opaco all’esterno sono caratterizzati da un taglio rettangolare nella parte inferiore e l’interno con finitura in foglia oro crea un evocativo effetto di luce calda che imprezioscisce in modo discreto l’ambiente.

grazie Barbara.

Tortoise - Prepare Your Coffin

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Suspension of Disbelief [detail] (2007)
Taxidermied fox, fluorescent tubes, electronic balllasts with wood + perspex housing, wires.

Kicking me when I'm down [detail] (2008)
Clothes, wood, paint, fluorescent tubes, electronic ballasts & wires.

Hitting Me Where It Hurts Most (2009)
Bed sheet, underwear, sock, fluorescent tubes, wood, electronic ballasts & wires.

All of our cities were built to be destroyed (2009)
Fur coat, polyeurethane, polythene, mirrored acrylic, wood.


poster titled "constellation" by Buchanan-smith.

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Qui ad Onthetable siamo lieti di annunciare che uno dei nostri progetti, Gemma Cucina, è stato pubblicato da The Future Laboratory accanto ad una guru del design italiano, Rossana Orlandi con Pane e Acqua.

Per chi non fosse del campo The Future Laboratory non fa "altro" che scovare le nuove tendenze,
utilizza le più aggiornate informazioni sulle tendenze di consumo per conoscere meglio e anticipare le esigenze del mercato.

tra i loro clienti :
American Express, British Vogue, Lamborghini, L'Oréal luxury division, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Tesco, Zurich Bank, Nokia, The Gap, The New Yorker, Unilever, Veuve Clicquot and Vodafone......


Here in Onthetable we are pleased to announce that one of our projects, Gemma Kitchen, was published by The Future Laboratory near a guru of Italian design, Rossana Orlandi with Bread and Water.

For those not of the field The Future Laboratory brings the future to you. We ensure that your brand, product or business uses the most relevant and up-to-date trend information and consumer insight tools to better anticipate market needs.

among their clients:
American Express, British Vogue, Lamborghini, L'Oréal luxury division, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Tesco, Zurich Bank, Nokia, The Gap, The New Yorker, Unilever, Vodafone and Veuve Clicquot .

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today I've fffound!!

Erin Hanson. It reminds us of the little things we have to do but often forget.